NUKE Beauty Tutorial

NUKE Beauty Tutorial

Posted by admin | April 22, 2015

This is a tutorial I made a few years ago centered on what has become a classic technique for fast and efficient skin “beautifying” in NUKE. There’s one main concept in here that I think is really important for any comper to know: subtracting out grain. Using something like Neat Video (preferred) or the baked in Denoise plugin, you can subtract the grain from your footage, then add it back in at the end, effectively re-creative the perfect grain structure for your footage.

We use this technique a lot in television, where you have like, maybe 1 to 2 hours to smooth out someone’s skin, or remove a pimple or the like. Obviously, things can get more complicated, to the point of surgery!

It seems like this video, that, truthfully, I haven’t payed much attention to in a while, has really helped a lot of people… and that’s great!

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